memoires-migrantes Mémoire Migrante. Photo Biron Desbois.

From Janurary 25 to Feburary 28, unit 138 will host the residency of an interdisciplinary artist collective, The Artists’Bloc of the IWC (Immigrant Workers Center). They invited everyone to meet them while they’ll be working and doing research for their artistic project Migrant Memory, Living Memory in the opening hours of the local, or for their free activities and workshop. Anyone who step in and meet them will get to know more about their artistic vision and/or to take part in their creations. Follow their facebook page for happining activities.

Horario del Local 138:

Vienres: 4pm a 9 pm
Satbado  y Domingo: 12pm a 5pm

The Artists’ Bloc of the IWC is a group of immigrant workers diverse in origin and immigration situation. Artists, activists, workers and their allies, we create at the intersections of community, artistic practice, and social justice. We are united in our shared project to empower, support and listen to those that are most affected in confronting their situations of precarity, and to cultivate their dynamic leadership in giving direction to this project.

Together we move from critical thought to social action, from critical capacity to reinforcing autonomy, by sharing our stories of the good and the bad in our immigrant experience: people’s stories, stories of struggles that have led to victories, stories of our vulnerabilities materialized, of our unity that leads to strength.

The Artists’ Bloc is a group that manifests through spoken words and gesture. Our workshops regularly take place in French, English, Spanish and Arabic. Our creations take form in physical theatre, performance art, public interventions, and our messages are spread through our bodies, our banners, costumes, paint, and visual installations. Our work has been covered by radio, television, media, video and online. Our networks exist across this continent.

The Immigrant Workers’ Center (IWC) defends the rights of immigrants in their places of work and fights for dignity, respect, and justice. Some of our principal objectives include: improving living and working conditions for immigrant workers; mobilsing around workplace issues (including workplace accidents, harassment, unpaid wages or overtime, maternity leave, etc.); providing a safe place for immigrant workers to receive information, resources, and referrals. We offer these references and resources in several languages.


Free Activites & Workshops!

Saturday January 31: 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. – Open House

The theme of immigration sits at the meeting between Canadian and Quebecois societies. This social phenomenon is explored through a diversity of voices attempting to explore the different dimensions of their experiences in Quebec.

Come meet members of the Artists’ Bloc of the IWC, a collective of artists, activists and (im)migrants working at the intersection of art, community and social justice. Video projections and installations of past works will be on display, as well as members of the collective to share their work.

Saturday February 7: 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. – Stories & Migration

Immigration knows many causes and effects. Our personal stories are intermixed with structural factors allowing for the transfer of goods and global capital. This workshop will facilitate voices that speak of the origins and reasons for seeking out a possible future in other places.

A day for exchange, a storytelling workshop, the sharing of stories of migration – across the city of Montreal, and across this continent.

An intergenerational workshop, open to all ages!

Saturday February 14th: 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. – We Make the Road by Walking

Temporary work has become more and more of a constant in immigrants’ lives in Canada and Quebec. Similarly temporary agencies become a constant in immigrants’ lives, giving direction to migrant and immigrant labor. These voices invite us to reflect on the effects of this reality on their daily lives.

A day for collective creation, these discussions will take place around an interactive and creative sculptural installation. Artists, agencies, workers, (im)migrants and witnessing will all be called upon.



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