On Thursday, the 24th of April, the Immigrant Workers Center presented the first edition of
“La Voix des Migrant(e)s”, a trilingual (English, French and Spanish) newspaper, which is aimed to share workers’ struggles and victories, to provide relevant information about workers’ rights, and to begin a discussion of how we can change unjust laws and practices. The paper is produced by a team of immigrant workers and volunteers from IWC, and it will appear once in three months.
Here some reactions of people who made this paper possible.

Martin Cook


I think it is a great opportunity to reach out to people. IWC can get it to different factories, different warehouses where people are working, and going out to speak to workers about issues that affect them.
It will be great to have a newspaper that will help to do more effectively the outreach they have been doing, and just have the newspaper to share more stories as well as to ask workers to share stories they’re facing. That will help building organisation like TAWA, fight for workers rights to make some changes.

Alison Gault


It’s an incredible opportunity for IWC to have something as big as a newspaper that would bring their word out in English, French and Spanish. It’s really incredible the work that was done by the committee with Temporary Agency Workers Association. It is an opportunity for workers to be the driving force of this newspaper.

Mostafa Henaway


It’s a way to break the fear in terms of what workers feel, a general outlet for their grievances in the work place, and workers rights in general. The paper is a critical tool for us to be able to express those grievances and the stories of workers that are very important; also it’s a tool to show to the public the activities that constantly are going on at the IWC. It’s a very important project for us as a center.