At the IWC, campaigns are understood not only as ways to make specific gains but also as means to educate the wider community about the issues faced by immigrant workers. As an example, the IWC’s first campaign in 2000 was stop a deportation order against Melca Salvador, a domestic worker admitted to Canada under the Live-in Caregiver Program. The IWC successfully stopped the deportation, involved numerous community organizations and unions in the campaign, and was also able to bring to the public’s attention the fact that many immigrant labourers experience a form of indentured servitude under these programs.


MORE INFO HERE: WHEN/WHY DO WE TAKE ON CAMPAIGNS? ANY OTHER THOUGHTS ABOUT HOW THEY FIT INTO THE WORK OF THE CENTRE? As the IWC has become better known, workers come there for advice and support on specific problems and issues. The Centre sees this as a way to encourage and support people in standing up against their bosses, but also as a basis upon which to build wider campaigns.


For more information on our past campaigns, take a look at this page!