Riding to Saint-Rémi to Demand Justice for Temporary Migrant Farmworkers


Media Advisory

Justice on Wheels: Riding to Saint-Rémi to Demand Justice for Temporary Migrant Farmworkers

Saturday, 22 August
Press point and departure of bikes at 9:30am @ Black Rock, Bridge Street, Point St. Charles, Montreal
Departure of cars at noon @ Lasalle Metro, Montreal
Rally at 1pm @ 25, rue Saint-Sauveur, Saint-Rémi

A caravan of bikes and cars will travel from Montreal to Saint-Rémi on Saturday to rally in support of justice for Noé Arteaga and all temporary migrant farmworkers. Mexican and Guatemalan farmworkers – brought in seasonly to harvest Quebec crops for cheap – will be gathered in the rural town for a three-day festival sponsored by the Mexican and Guatemalan consulates.

The Justice for Noé committee is organizing the caravan and rally to demand compensation for Noé Arteaga and denounce the super-exploitation of migrant workers. Denied social benefits and systematically prevented from collective organizing, these workers heavily subsidize the Quebec food market and their labour provides a windfall to Quebec capital.

In 2009, Guatemalan farmworker Arteaga was fired and deported after attempting to organize a brief strike to insist that a fellow worker get medical care. After six years of effort, Arteaga finally won a labour rights case against his former employer, Savoura, only to be cheated out of compensation when the Quebec tomato giant declared bankruptcy.

Journalists are invited to a press point to send off the bike caravan at 9:30am at the Black Rock in Point St. Charles and to a rally in Saint-Rémi at 1pm.

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