Journal 2
“La Voix des Migrant(e)s” is a trilingual (English, French and Spanish) newspaper produced by the Temporary Agency Workers Association (TAWA). The newspaper was created to reflect the work of the association. We wanted to share the struggles that temporary agency workers face and the campaigns the association is organizing.

In this issue we wanted to share the most recent news affecting temporary agency workers, as well as temporary foreign workers. We have articles that explain why temporary employment agencies are taking away rights that workers used to have, such as employment security and the right to unionize (see page 6). We have an article that explains your rights as a worker (page 7).

This year, the Temporary Agency Workers Association has carried out its first two general assemblies and has elected a coordinating committee. We have also launched a campaign to force employers to pay for the work boots of their workers (see page 9).

The Temporary Agency Workers Association is not the only association that has been fighting for agency workers’ rights. On page 11 is an article about different workers’ centers in California, Chicago and Toronto. The workers’ center in Toronto recently began a campaign to raise the minimum wage (see page 10).

The Temporary Agency Workers Association has joined the Coalition against precarious work to fight alongside other organizations to improve the conditions of all workers with precarious jobs. In this light, we have asked other organizations from the coalition to share their struggles. We have asked ATTET (the Association of Temporary Foreign Workers) and PINAY (Organization of Philippine Women in Quebec) to tell us about the changes contained in the Bill 8 and recent changes to the live-in caregiver program (see page 16 and 19).

We hope that you will find the articles interesting and useful. And we hope that you will consider joining ATTAP. The only way we can improve our working and living conditions is by organizing and forcing the government to listen to us and to make changes such as raising the minimum wage.


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